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QCHydrate and the team of nurses provided excellent services to both myself and 5 of my friends.  We gathered for a HYDRATE PARTY.  We chose drips that fit each of our needs, got hooked up, relaxed and left hydrated and satisfied!

Can't wait for our next Hydrate Party!

Melissa R.

After an unfortunate run in with the stomach flu I reached out to QCHydrate for an infusion and Amanda recommended the Quench and some zofran.  I immediately felt relief from my nausea and stronger.  I can't thank you enough Amanda and QCHydrate!

Corie M.

My friends and I had our first drip party last weekend, and I already can't wait for the next. QCHydrate is professional, friendly, caring and knowledgeable.  I felt amazing for days after my infusion.  Highly Recommend!

Melissa H.

I met Amanda and QCHydrate at a health and wellness event that my daughter and I attended.  Amanda and Jennifer gave us the most professional care and we left feeling energized and hydrated!  I will definitely be using their services regularly!

Patti R.

Amanda is very professional and has a passion for helping others.  I would recommend her company to anyone!

Jennifer L.

QCHydrate came to our rescue after a LONG day of tailgating.  My friends and I got the hangover drip, and I was feeling better than I had felt BEFORE going out!  My friends and I were feeling so good we even went out the next day for a round of golf! I have them saved on speed dial and you should to!!

Colt T.
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